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Read, write, and edit PDF files
with borb, a pure python library

Simple, Time-saving, and Easy to use

Working with PDF can be complex and challenging at the best of times. This is why borb was created with user friendliness in mind. Users are not required to have extensive PDF knowledge. Save time, money and work happier with borb.

Ensuring happy and fast development.

Years of working with PDF have built the foundations for borb. All this experience and knowledge can now help many others around the world. We firmly believe working with PDF should be as easy and smooth as possible, and many of our features were created around this idea.

Focus on What Matters

Many competing libraries require the user to have detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the PDF format. Even something as trivial as adding text to a page would require you to know the coordinate system in PDF.

borb offers automatic page layout that takes care of margins, padding, leading, and more. Want to add a paragraph? It's as simple as:



borb is great at PDF. However, we know that there are other awesome libraries out there that developers use every day. That's why borb plays nice with the most common input/output formats of those libraries. You can add a Matplotlib chart to a PDF, no problem. Need to work with PIL images and PDF? We have your back.

User Friendliness

Every public method in borb is documented. borb comes with hundreds of tests. Every file in borb is run through the black formatting tool. And everything is type-checked by mypy. borb has over 200 pages of documentation (example code, screenshots and a thorough no-nonsense explanation). When it comes to ease of use, borb is best in class.

Grow With Us

We are constantly working on making borb even better. If your company works with python and PDF, reach out to us and discover the ease of borb.

We love supporting the open source community. If you are a developer, and you would like to give us some support back, consider spreading the word!