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Pricing & Licensing


Gratis Tier
The gratis tier of borb, our Python PDF library, is perfect for developers and organizations that are committed to open-source principles. Under the AGPLv3 license, you can use borb at no cost, provided you comply with its terms. This means any software that incorporates borb must also be open source and available to your users under the same license. This tier is ideal for educational projects, small non-profits, and individual developers who are contributing to the open-source community. It ensures full access to borb's powerful features without financial commitment, fostering innovation and collaboration within the open-source ecosystem.


Small Tier
For businesses and developers needing a commercial license, our Small tier offers a balanced solution. Priced at 250 EUR per year, this tier allows you to create, read, or modify up to 1,000 PDF documents annually. It is designed for small businesses or individual developers who require borb for internal use or for distributing proprietary software without the need to disclose their source code. The Small tier ensures you can leverage borb's capabilities while maintaining the confidentiality of your proprietary projects, making it a cost-effective choice for lower volume document processing.


Medium Tier
The Medium tier is tailored for growing businesses or development teams with more substantial PDF processing needs. At 500 EUR per year, this tier supports the creation, reading, or modification of up to 5,000 PDF documents annually. It strikes a balance between cost and capacity, making it suitable for mid-sized projects and organizations. Whether you're handling client reports, internal documentation, or generating PDFs for web applications, the Medium tier provides the scalability needed to meet your evolving demands without breaking the bank.


Large Tier
For enterprises or large-scale projects, the Large tier offers extensive capabilities at 1,000 EUR per year. This tier allows for the creation, reading, or modification of up to 10,000 PDF documents annually, accommodating businesses with high-volume document processing requirements. It's perfect for companies that generate numerous invoices, reports, or legal documents and need a robust and reliable PDF solution. The Large tier ensures you have the bandwidth to manage extensive document workflows efficiently while still providing excellent value for the level of service and support included.


XL Tier
Our XL tier is the ultimate solution for organizations with extensive PDF processing needs, offering unlimited document creation, reading, and modification for 5,000 EUR per year. This tier is designed for large enterprises, software as a service (SaaS) providers, or any business that relies heavily on PDF documents as part of their core operations. With no limitations on the number of documents processed, the XL tier ensures you have the flexibility and scalability to handle any volume of work, providing peace of mind and the assurance that borb will grow alongside your business.